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Quality fiber is our goal

Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality fiber. Our current breeding program and purchases have given us this opportunity. Please look inside and see for yourself what our animals can do for you.

Domingo is waiting for some playmates
Luken had a good time at MAPACA

Alvino enjoyed MAPACA too

It is exciting when the pastures are lush

We will be closed May 18th. We will be open the rest of the week.

We are doing farm tours $5.00 per person for an hour. It goes toward our hay fund. Children under 10 are free. Email or phone/message us (653-1759) for a time slot for your group to visit. We are requiring masks. Come enjoy seeing the alpacas.

Welcome to our alpaca farm site.

This site is here to provide you with information on the breeding, raising and caring of these fabulous silky animals. Also we want to show you, in words and pictures, the growth of our farm and the history of our journey and help lead you to a full and exciting adventure into the world of alpacas!
Also we have provided you with pictures and information on the alpacas we have for sale and on our foundation herd. Come back often and see what is new here at the website!
We love to have visitors! Please call us at 653-1144 or 653-1759 to arrange a time.

FARM STORE is OPEN Tuesday to Sunday 10-4 Closed Mondays.
If these times are inconvenient, just give us a call an we'll arrange a time just for you.
We carry yarn from our own alpacas. Also scarves, socks, boot inserts, hats, gloves, mittens, roving and more!!

Financing can be discussed with buyers for we are flexible, just ask and we can be creative.
We can offer free transportation for your new alpaca 250 miles from our farm. We can also provide transportation on a cost basis for longer distances.